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Everything You Need to Know (but were afraid to ask) About Adding Online Learning to your Classroom

Are you new to the idea of giving your students digital options? Online learning can really provide a much more diverse learning experience, but it also comes with some challenges. Here are some of the biggest questions that instructors might not ask, (but might need to know,) before implementing online learning in the classroom.

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Teaching Through Chess: Family Relations

Lonnie Monka Lonnie Monka / August 17, 2017 / Teaching Strategies

Reading Amy Tan’s “Rules of of the Game”

In our Summer Reading & Literature class, we read a well-known short story called “Rules of the Game”. In this story, the main character, Waverly Jong, must navigate through her relationship with her mother as she rises to become a child chess champion. This rich story touches on many themes, including familial relationships and the immigrant experience in America.

The most striking feature of this story, which leads to an engaging discussion with our students, is the way “chess” is used in the story. At first, chess is introduced as an actual game that the main character learns to play. Then, the careful reader realizes that this story also presents chess as a metaphor for life.

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Reports from the Classroom: Translating Cultural Literacy

Cross-Cultural Learning

Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking that the difference between languages is just a matter of exchanging one word for another. It might seem like a dictionary -- or perhaps google translate today -- is all someone needs to “translate” one word at a time. For better and for worse, languages are too complex to translate in this matter. Words can have multiple meanings, languages often have idioms that aren’t necessarily “logical”, and there are often cultural differences that cause major gaps in people’s understanding of a language.

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