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See Firsthand the Power of the Model G20 Summit

 Over 100 High School Students Became Global Citizens

Knovva Academy's High School Enhancement Programs Teach Geopolitics and Macroeconomics to Students 

Over 100 students from all around the world came to the 2017 Model G20 Summit in Cambridge, MA. The event, which was powered by Knovva Academy and in partnership with GiantBug Foundation, brought the world a little closer together through global cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork.

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Graduates Speak Up: Courses That Should Be Taught In High School, But Aren't

High School Classes Sometimes Miss the Real-World Lessons Students Need. But We Don't.

By the time high school is over, students will (or should) know the square root of a million, the most famous Aztec leader, and the number of protons carbon has (10,000, Montezuma II, 6).

But there comes a time in every adult's life when they’ll scratch their head in amazement at what high school didn’t teach them. Maybe it'll happen when filing their taxes, or trying to buy their first house, or even when trying to develop a nutritious diet.

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