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Knovva Knew Year Resolution Giveaway: Win an iPad & Give a Dollar, On Us

Rachel Lemieux Rachel Lemieux / January 04, 2018 / Giveaway, Contest

Yes, this is the year! This is the year the things that weren't done, will be done. This year, the goals which weren't met, will be and that fitness regime foiled by a pile of donuts one week into February, won't be.

It seems that every new year starts out the same old way. With January 1st fast approaching, a familiar internal battle begins. The brain starts to make a mental, and often cringe-worthy, list of the things that weren't in the years past, while simultaneously using these "failures" to draft the same old resolution plan for the new year. But before 2018 starts out and ends the same old way, Knovva Academy is inviting people to think outside the old new year's resolution box and check off some smart new choices! 

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