The Robots are Coming! The Robots are Coming!

Here’s Why High School Robotics Classes Are the Future of EduTech

Younger and younger people are coming up with amazing robotics ideas every day! Between the free info available on the Internet, modern schools focusing on practical science projects, and the inherent awesomeness of robotics, high school students are primed to apply their technological-savviness into this budding industry.


For curious robotics fans out there, check out FIRST Robotics, an international robotics competition for high school students. Science competition has been used to enhance the quality of science fair entries for years, and now we’re finally seeing it applied to robotics, boosting the output of quality bots in the 21st century.

What Is the FIRST Robotics Competition and Why Is It Perfect for Robot-Loving High School Classes?

In this competition, teams from all over the world build robots to perform specific tasks in the ultimate example of project-based learning! To keep things fresh and exciting, these tasks are updated each year, making them more and more difficult while naturally thinning the herd (think Darwinism, but with robots). Imagine…students from countries like the US, China, Australia, and Turkey, all working together to solve the some of the world’s toughest AI and technological hurdles while competing in the biggest robot-building event on the planet!

This year’s event will be circuit-busting. Here’s the expected turnout for the 2017 FIRST Robotics competition:

  • 460,000+ student participants
  • 52,000+ teams
  • 40,000+ robots created
  • 120,000+ mentors/adult supporter roles

40,000+ robots?! In the words of one famous bot: Johnny Number 5 is alive!

Robotics_KnovvaAcademy.jpgRobotics Competitions Fit Perfectly into the Wave of Edutech

Initiated by the inventor and entrepreneur, Dean Kamen, this competition is designed to promote the application of science and technology education. Besides the practical knowledge, competing in FIRST Robotics offers students loads of opportunities, like collaborating with a team of like-minded problem-solvers and witnessing the global forefront of artificial intelligence up close. Plus, participants gain the experience of working with mentors, and stepping on the path of becoming lifelong robotics learners.

Robotics Competition Prizes Can Change a High School Student’s Trajectory

Over 900 scholarship opportunities and $25 million in prizes await FIRST Robotics participants. If these numbers are any gauge, clearly the robotics industry is willing to shell out for brilliant ideas. And for today’s high school students, the opportunity couldn’t be bigger!

At Knovva Academy, we support any competition that offers incredible opportunities to students willing to work hard, and -- more importantly -- to learn hard! Our state-of-the-art maker-space in Cambridge, MA is running an Applied Engineering & Robotics program this summer for high school students interested in getting their hands dirty with gizmos, gadgets, and robots! Click the button below to learn more:

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