See Firsthand the Power of the Model G20 Summit

 Over 100 High School Students Became Global Citizens

Knovva Academy's High School Enhancement Programs Teach Geopolitics and Macroeconomics to Students 

Over 100 students from all around the world came to the 2017 Model G20 Summit in Cambridge, MA. The event, which was powered by Knovva Academy and in partnership with GiantBug Foundation, brought the world a little closer together through global cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork.

Students tackled geopolitics and macroeconomics, learning to effectively communicate amongst peers of various cultures, languages, and backgrounds from their own.

To excel in global leadership positions as well as enhance soft skills for future academic success, students engaged in 5-days of lectures, events, and activities that ultimately led up to the main event: the Model G20 Summit. Teens who attended were thrilled to be able to interact with and learn from political leaders and top harvard professors, and were further rewarded for their achievements within the program with over $11,000 worth of scholarships awards!

Join us at the next Model G20 Summit and become a global citizen:

2018 Model G20