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Knovva Knew Year Resolution Giveaway: Win an iPad & Give a Dollar, On Us

Rachel Lemieux Rachel Lemieux / January 04, 2018 / Giveaway, Contest

Yes, this is the year! This is the year the things that weren't done, will be done. This year, the goals which weren't met, will be and that fitness regime foiled by a pile of donuts one week into February, won't be.

It seems that every new year starts out the same old way. With January 1st fast approaching, a familiar internal battle begins. The brain starts to make a mental, and often cringe-worthy, list of the things that weren't in the years past, while simultaneously using these "failures" to draft the same old resolution plan for the new year. But before 2018 starts out and ends the same old way, Knovva Academy is inviting people to think outside the old new year's resolution box and check off some smart new choices! 

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Healthcare Reform: What It Means for Today's Teens

While it might seem like the only problems you’ll ever face are where to sit during lunch or how to pass pre-calculus, the future (your future) will be here before you know it. And you'll have to navigate challenges ranging from securing your first job to doing your own grocery shopping to selecting a health insurance plan.

Today, the people in power are making decisions about how our country functions that will directly impact you, teenager of today, in a few short years. One example is the recently proposed changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (often called Obamacare). Politicians continue to argue about many key points of the seven-year old plan: should it stay? Is it good? Has it helped anyone? These are the questions constantly cycling through the media, and with Trump in office vowing to change it, it seems that the question now changes to: If not this, then what?

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See Firsthand the Power of the Model G20 Summit

 Over 100 High School Students Became Global Citizens

Knovva Academy's High School Enhancement Programs Teach Geopolitics and Macroeconomics to Students 

Over 100 students from all around the world came to the 2017 Model G20 Summit in Cambridge, MA. The event, which was powered by Knovva Academy and in partnership with GiantBug Foundation, brought the world a little closer together through global cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork.

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Graduates Speak Up: Courses That Should Be Taught In High School, But Aren't

High School Classes Sometimes Miss the Real-World Lessons Students Need. But We Don't.

By the time high school is over, students will (or should) know the square root of a million, the most famous Aztec leader, and the number of protons carbon has (10,000, Montezuma II, 6).

But there comes a time in every adult's life when they’ll scratch their head in amazement at what high school didn’t teach them. Maybe it'll happen when filing their taxes, or trying to buy their first house, or even when trying to develop a nutritious diet.

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7 Educational Video Games that Taught Us Strategy, Logic, and Life

Educational Video Games Are a Thing of the Past...Present and Future

The era is fast approaching when you'll actually hear parents tell their children to go play their video games--not do their homework. With the recent rise of #edutech, the educational opportunity that video games offer students, especially teenagers, has garnered widespread attention. Today, students can learn, discover, and explore through video game simulation and roleplaying, capturing creativity and 21st century skills along the way. What's more fascinating--especially for education professionals--is that this teaching method is met with enthusiasm by students!

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Things to Do in Boston: Discover the American Epicenter of History and Education

Explore all Boston Has to Offer 

Boston is one of the top tourist spots in the USA due to its pivotal place in American history books. Aside from being home to many founding fathers and historical landmarks, Boston is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. With an extremely educated population, it’s no wonder that a lot of the attractions in the area boost brain power! From top museums and fun activities to one-of-a-kind classes and art galleries, Boston can inspire people to think and do more.

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