Top 3 Free Apps for SAT Studying

Download These Three Great Apps to Help You Prepare for the SATs

At Knovva Academy, we know about the jam-packed schedules students have today. Classes, homework, extra-curricular activities, sports….the responsibilities never stop accumulating. Then, on top of everything, you’re supposed to study for one big test! What was once called the Scholastic Assessment Test, is now known as that dreaded test needed to go to college: the SAT. One test, taken in a few hours, becomes a major factor in college admission. What a drag!

Hoping to alleviate some of the pressure, many companies are developing apps to help students improve their SAT scores. Gone are the days when you'd lug around a heavy study guide--now you have all that information right in your phone. These apps cater to the modern high schooler's busy lifestyle and allow you to study anywhere, anytime. Knovva Academy's student researchers tried out a bunch of these study apps and chose three great apps to help you start studying for the SATs. Best of all, all three apps are free!

Daily Practice for the New SATJust like it’s name, the Daily Practice app integrates SAT learning into your day -- every day. The app provides an SAT Question of the Day, along with a bunch of useful tools and information related to the SAT exam. Interestingly enough, this app is developed by the same company the creates the SAT, so you know that their information is relevant to the actual exam.

Ready4 SAT by Ready4The Ready4 SAT app is designed to delve deep into the concepts behind the questions in the SAT. On the surface, this app provides detailed explanations for answers to the test questions and flashcards to help you study, but, behind the scenes, SAT Prep is running adaptive algorithms to optimize individual users’ learning. Then, as you track your own improvement, the app will provide you with useful information concerning schools and future goals according to your performance. And if you're thinking of taking the ACTs as well, check out their Ready4 ACT app too.

Khan AcademyWithin its many offerings, the Khan Academy also provides SAT preparation. In its app, you can find practice tests, tutorials with practice problems, and a ‘tips & strategies’ section. Even though there are many options for studying the content of the questions, we suggest that everyone take the time to review its ‘tips & strategies’ section -- there’s no reason to commit yourself to studying the content of the test without also thinking through how the test itself is supposed to work.


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